Guiding Esprit’s disability policy

Corporate disability policy guidance project

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Development and implementation of a global action plan for the Esprit headquarters and 16 Esprit department store concessions, meeting the objectives set by Esprit’s disability agreement that was signed in December 2012.

Ethik Connection’s solutions:

  • awareness raising and training at the Esprit headquarters and at Esprit department store concessions;
  • analysis of recruitment potential, recommendations;
  • a free, anonymous disability hotline for employees, provided by our disability experts;
  • analysis of purchasing a policy, recommendations.
  • disability policy guidance: tool implementation, assessment, filling out and optimising the DOETH (French mandatory declaration of employment of disabled workers).

  • France

  • Internal employees

Highly involved internal audiences

Awareness raised at 26

Esprit department store concessions


participation rate for the Esprit headquarters awareness event