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What is European Disability Employment Week (EDEW)?

European Disability Employment Week (EDEW)
For 14 years now, Ethik Connection has been a major contributor to EDEW, and it operates throughout France at large companies’ sites. Awareness has been raised among thousands of employees and managers using bespoke innovative experiences created by our teams. These operations allow for a long-lasting change in people’s perception of disability and help to make society more inclusive.

40 innovative and meaningful events organised over the course of a week

Ethik Connection has put most of its flagship concepts into use at its clients’ sites (L’Oréal, Cdiscount, Accenture, Galeries Lafayette, Société Générale, etc.) in order to raise employees’ awareness of disability via its original, innovative, and meaningful solutions.

Events with major social impact.

We have maximised meaningful connections among our client’s employees and staff via the implementation of unique concepts:

  • Dans le Noir? le Dark Lab events where you are plunged into pitch darkness, jump-starting your senses;
  • the Dans le Silence! counter, where you place your order with our deaf and hard-of-hearing hosts in French Sign Language;
  • the “Unlock your mind, the difference is the key!” escape game, where interpersonal diversity can be experienced in a fun way;
  • a custom-branded food truck with our hearing-impaired experts;
  • a bespoke educational and interactive poster campaign;
  • the Otra Vista Social Club “Silent Party”, where you get to experience the world as the deaf do for an extraordinary multi-sensory evening.
  • Île-de-France, Hauts-de-France, Reims, Cognac, Bordeaux, Toulouse

  • Internal and external employees

over 70

disability awareness events organised between November and December 2018