Disability-focused recruitment

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Sopra Steria wanted to ensure the inclusion of disabled workers in its workforce.
Ethik Connection’s bespoke response:

  • making a computer engineering diploma from the CNAM available to disabled people; setting up technical knowledge refresher modules;
  • setting up a “disability and performance” diagnosis to establish the compatibility between the job position and different types of disability;
  • organising recruitment: sourcing, interviews, workplace personality tests, candidate coaching, awareness raising for recruitment officers;
  • raising awareness among parties involved: support for various project stakeholders (managers, tutors, teams, teachers, etc.);
  • carrying out psychological monitoring during employment and training;
  • obtaining financing: setting up an administrative and financial approach.

  • Île-de-France

  • Disabled students

An innovative inclusion success!


support given to 5 students during their block release training, and company training

Over 70%

of the programme’s total funding was obtained by Ethik Connection


awareness raised among 20 people involved in the project