Discover a culture through your senses.

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    A multi-sensory journey organised in Paris, dotted with workshops and unique encounters, giving you the opportunity to learn about the city of Chengdu

    The Chinactions association and the Chinese TV channel CDTV called upon Ethik Connection to organise an event promoting the city of Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan province, among French media.

    During this journey, French diners were introduced to Sichuanese cuisine by chef 强田仕 Shi Qiang Tian and his team.

    Chengdu is the capital of Sichuan province located in southwest China. It is one of the country’s most populated cities.

    Chengdu is famous for the quality of its silk and its rich gastronomy. Its most famous landmarks are the Anshun Bridge, Mount Qingcheng, and Qingyang Palace.

    An extraordinary journey full of unique encounters and surprises

    Ethik Connection came up with and organised an entire trail designed around the senses in order to create incomparable human encounters between representatives from Chinactions and CDTV , and the chefs, journalists , and French public figures who were invited to the event:

    – a “tea discovery” olfactory workshop and a “material play” tactile workshop in pitch darkness in the Dans le Noir ? multi-sensory space;
    – lunch in pitch darkness made by chef 强 田仕 Shi Qiang Tian at the Dans le Noir ? restaurant;
    – a Sichuanese cooking class led by chef 强 田仕 Shi Qiang Tian at L’atelier des Chefs – Hôtel de Ville, Paris;
    – craft fair with brocades and artisanal handicrafts + film screening : “Le dynamisme de la route de la soie du Sud” (The Dynamism of the Southern Silk Road) at the galerie JOSEPH – Turenne;
    meeting between chef 强 田仕 Shi Qiang Tian and Thierry Marx at the Marxito restaurant in Paris.

    A gift box containing a sample of Sichuan pepper, a box of loose tea from China, and a postcard from Chengdu was handed out to each participant.

    • Paris

    • Media and public figures

    A closer look at the lunch in pitch darkness devised by chef 强 田仕 Shi Qiang Tian at the Dans le Noir ? restaurant in Paris:
    – “ I tried… lunch in the dark”, Le Journal des Femmes, 11th January 2019.

    Zoom sur le déjeuner dans l’obscurité totale conçu par le chef 田仕强 Shi Qiang TIAN au restaurant Dans le Noir ? Paris :
    – “J’ai testé… un déjeuner dans le noir”, Le Journal des Femmes, 11 janvier 2019.

    High profile guests



    well-known guests, including

    Melody Gardot, Ann Gregory, Olivier Gauvin (Director of communication at the French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs), Diane Cabouat (Vice President
    of the Conseil national consultatif des personnes handicapées – National Advisory Council for the Disabled), Franck Duret (France Bleu)