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What is a job retention support programme?

Firstly, we make a complete inventory of the issues encountered by disabled employees. To do this, we carry out a thorough diagnosis of the employees’ working environment.
Once we have carried out the diagnosis, we make recommendations based on the issues discovered. We guarantee the highest level of integration for disabled employees within their teams, as well as improved performance.

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What are Allianz’s job retention needs?

The Allianz “Disability Project” wanted to set up job retention solutions for employees with sensory impairments (sight or hearing), or unseen impairments.

Ethik Connection performs a diagnosis:

  • personal and professional assessment of the employee in question;
  • discussions regarding difficulties encountered (from both the manager and employee’s perspective);
  • research into relevant compensation tools.

Following this diagnosis, the agency draws up a report and gives recommendations (e.g. raising the team’s awareness with regards to the employee, coaching the employee, etc.)

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